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Doctor Who S05E09 Cold Blood
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2010-05-29 21:26:17 GMT
albiondean VIP

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BBC 1 
Saturday, May 29th, 2010
7:00pm to 7:50pm

The Earth faces the dawn of a new age of harmony, or the start of its final war.

Aspect Ratio......: 16:9
Resolution: 688x384
FPS.......: 25.000
Video Codec: XviD
Video Bitrate: 1300 kb/s
Audio Bitrate: 128kb/s - CBR
Language: English.


Thank you so much for uploading these! You're my hero.
Thanks for the up!
You're my hero too. :)
No no no, he's MY hero! ;)
Your up`s are top-notch. Thanks v much.
This is awesome mate, keep up the good work
Thanks for sharing

Getting a slow download speed =/

Mate, you rock. I rely on you for my Dr Who fix every week. Much thanks for your hard work :)
yeah give me your pay pal email i send u a dollar -- sweet Philippines here ...Doctor who rules whovian are world wide man!!!
Is this a fake?
piss off eley
girls, any roland garros videos?
Cheers albiondean
DLing at 400kbs
15 mins to DL
Cheers again
Ty dude you rock!

You are totally an unreliable cry baby. People like you don't belong in TPB. You should even stop uploading all you sucky uploads. When you upload read the comments to learn and shut the fuck up! If you are uploading so people can tell you how good you are blah blah you complicated unsure of self low life, you can take you shit elsewhere. So fuck you!

Come on guys why are you begging him! I'm a big fan of F1 for years and have been to many circuits, but if this baby is not going to do it let him be. We now know he doesn't belong here.

albiondean you suck our dicks for forgiveness.

More to follow.....
Great Uploads < albiondean >; i notice there is no title jpg splash pic with this episode. I hope you have
Dr.Who Confidential:S05E09.What.Goes.On.Tour
episode.?? soon??

WHO cares about F1 anyways...
midkhan, i woudnt keep writing rubbish on my torrents, it'll only get you banned.
Yes, cheers mate! I always look forward to getting my Doctor Who fix. Thank you so much.
Dude, I was so scared that I couldn't watch because all the times I've been searching for this episode I couldn't find it till I clicked your name from a previous DW download. I will forever download DW from you. Cheers mate!
thanks for all your efforts albion - much appreciated
My kids and I thank you for doing such a great job!
s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!! s05e10!!!
do it man, do it nao, please! you've always been so helpful in the past!
Is this fake, cause it seems a bit too early for this to be up already?
great work as usual
My Who Hero! i bn falling behind on my dr who lately but i had no fear cos i knew i could just come to you and catch up in a few clicks :)
oh as for that wanker putting all that crap on ur comments...Go get a life!!
Audio sounds a big pumped up, plus out of phase. Are you using something to process it like a compressor plus some kind of enhancer?

Video is fine. Thanks for all the effort anyway to keep The Doctor in the air and all the best.
seriously, great job!